How do you create truly unique character? Start with remarkable materials. Use them in an infinite variety of applications, in locations all around the country. Live in and on them over many decades, in weather both hostile and tranquil. And art of breath-taking depth is born into the world.



The heart and heritage of the company resides on the NORTHERN OHIO Sawmill/Millhouse deck where we fabricate large, custom-sized heavy timber stock. It is home to the largest Timber Saw and the largest Timber Planer/Moulder in the region.

For over 100 years, both of these NORTHERN OHIO sawmill machines have produced heavy structural timbers found in some of greater Cleveland’s most iconic buildings including Terminal Tower and Tower City Center, the Cleveland Metroparks, pilings and beams for the old Cleveland Stadium.

That production continues in the current day for new construction, great room beams, replacement beams, and more.

NORTHERN OHIO’s Millhouse utilizes planers, joiners, cross saws, rip saws, panel saws, auto-feed saws and other joinery and milling equipment to produce custom orders and prepped-to-spec lumber for any project requirements

Our Mershon Timber Re-Saw slices and fabricates heavy timbers as large as 16” x 24” x 45 ft in length. Purchased new by NORTHERN OHIO in 1893, it is large, heavy, solid iron and originally steam powered, but converted to modern electric power in 1910. Timber Saw production runs every week of the year - without fail since 1893 - not out of nostalgia, but instead because it is a significant production performer. It is so large and heavy, its weight, size and power allow it to cut a 45-ft timber clean and true, down to ¼” increments, without flinching.  Beams are then cut to the project’s specified size: 12x12’s or 10x10’s or 4x12’s, 9-1/4” x 6-3/4”, 4x4’s, etc.

The Millhouse’s Timber Moulder/Planer is set in a production-line with the Timber Saw to receive its rough-sawn heavy timbers for surfacing, allowing the Operators to modify and smooth the beam’s finished size. It is equipped with height and width adjustable planing blades which surface all 4-sides of the heavy beam at the same time. It was purchased new by NORTHERN OHIO in 1894. Large, heavy and solid iron like its partner timber saw, the timber planer/moulder was also originally steam powered and has been in continuous weekly use since the day of it went in-line. Its power source was changed to modern electric power in 1910 at the same time as the Timber Saw.



NORTHERN OHIO LUMBER & TIMBERTM is a full-service, wholesale professional lumber and building materials distributor and warehouses commercial project supplier of traditional dimensional lumber, sheathing products, pressure treated and fire-rated lumber stock.

Our ARCHITECTURAL HARVESTSM warehouses are filled with the largest single source of refurbished, dry, clean, dimensioned reclaimed and high character lumber, planking and beam stock in the State of Ohio – over one million board feet of ready-to-apply distinctive character woods prepped for immediate use in interior finish and furniture and fixture fabrication. The AH Warehouses are a must-stop for any design and building professional involved in distinctive interior wood finish and fixture projects.


Our 4-acre Yard also includes a two-story Office Building which houses full conference space for Planning, Project and Design Meetings.


We have over 20 different styles, textures and widths of shiplap, antique barn siding, tongue and groove and distinctively-sanded hickory, white oak, heart pine and QSWO wood surfaces for wall paneling, full feature walls, custom displays, backgrounds, separator walls, wainscoting and trim. Also includes displays of heavy shelving and heavy iron shelving brackets.

We are proud of our distinctive hardwood flooring program offerings and the highly diverse figuring, textures, stains and finishes for each are on display in full-size 4x8 display panels. A must stop and walk-through if you are seeking a great and enduring floor.

A designer’s candy store. We are the oldest sawmill in Ohio with a million board feet of the most unique, high character lumber in the market. And with that beautiful inventory, we make AH Fixtures and our 1864 Distinctive Wood Surfaces for commercial, retail, hospitality and home/residential spaces: unique, distinctive tabletops, countertops, workstations, conference tables, farmhouse tables and dining tables – all born from our industry leading diverse character AH warehouse inventory. Those options are all on display.