Our 1864 SERIES is known for high-character, authentic Tables and other unique Countertop wood surfaces all made from our own curated inventory of sustainably harvested, gleaned rustic and antique lumber stocks.

The 1864 SERIES includes any size 1864 Scranton Tables, 1864 Breadboard Tables and 1864 Round Tables.

Further additions to the 1864 Line include a large selection of Dining and Restaurant chairs, Table Bases and Pedestals, Benches, Harvest Office Sit/Stand of Fixed Desktops and our new 1864 Series Barn Doors – all made from NORTHERN OHIO’s curated inventory of character lumber stock.


Our Harvest Desktops are made of ethically sourced wood materials that will compliment any home or corporate office setting. Choose the wood grain and stain that speaks to your personal style and either pair our desktops with a sit/stand base or combine it with your existing setup.



Our 1864 Series Scranton and Breadboard Tabletops are simply the best addition you can make to your home. Bring 150+ years of history and character right into your dining room. All of our Tabletops and Fixture Products are built to heirloom quality to last a lifetime.


Pair one of our unique hand-crafted 1864 Series Tabletops with a set of free range dining chairs. Choose from our expertly designed seats online or work with us to create a unique piece for your home or office.

Build Smarter with an Expert Estimating Partner

At NORTHERN OHIO, we value experience, expertise, and excellence. We have spent decades supporting the professional builder community in Northeast Ohio. We provide materials, services, and expertise to builders, contractors, architects, designers, and developers.

Our expert estimating partners have a depth of construction experience with the most sophisticated, multi-story, and complex projects ever built in the Cleveland marketplace. 

Our team works with the professional builder community and serves as a collaborative partner to ensure every project has all the lumber and building materials required when and where it is needed.

We pair you with an expert estimator who works with you one-on-one

We dedicate individualized attention to your project

We bring decades of purchasing and construction experience

We take complex design plans and turn them into simple shopping lists

We help reduce wasted materials for overall project savings passed directly to you