In 2016 NORTHERN OHIO began assembling, processing, and curating unique high character specialty gleaned rustic and reclaimed lumber on a commercial scale throughout Ohio.

That material now fuels the fabrication of a new specialty flooring products and feature wall products line called Architectural Harvest.

We produce over one million board feet of specialty character stock to use in interior finishes.

AH materials displays heritage and authenticity: high figuring, mineral streaks, knots preserved and filled with black epoxy, and other Mother Nature induced havoc.


Character Flooring

Our character flooring is unique and driven by rich histories. Each piece of wood used in the creation of our character floors have a story to tell. With a rich mixture of reclaimed hardwoods, saw marks, natural checking, color, and texture, our flooring is unmatched in its ability to attract attention.

Architectural Harvest character flooring is harvested from century-old agricultural and wooden industrial structures. This floor transforms a room into a living history lesson filled with character marks earned from years of faithful use.


Character Wall Covering

Character wall coverings are the perfect way to elevate a room. Our products can be used virtually anywhere in the home or commercial building but were designed specifically to be used as paneling for walls, ceilings, or other vertical surfaces.


Interior Trim

A room doesn’t feel complete without millwork. We produce interior trim in a variety of styles, from classic farmhouse, to craftsman bungalow, and industrial loft. We create millwork that complements every room for projects large and small.

Build Smarter with an Expert Estimating Partner

At NORTHERN OHIO, we value experience, expertise, and excellence. We have spent decades supporting the professional builder community in Northeast Ohio. We provide materials, services, and expertise to builders, contractors, architects, designers, and developers.

Our expert estimating partners have a depth of construction experience with the most sophisticated, multi-story, and complex projects ever built in the Cleveland marketplace. 

Our team works with the professional builder community and serves as a collaborative partner to ensure every project has all the lumber and building materials required when and where it is needed.

We pair you with an expert estimator who works with you one-on-one

We dedicate individualized attention to your project

We bring decades of purchasing and construction experience

We take complex design plans and turn them into simple shopping lists

We help reduce wasted materials for overall project savings passed directly to you