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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to homeowners?

While we have built our business for the last 150 years serving the Professional Building Community, we understand that homeowners are compelled by our authetic and unique 1864 Series tables and fixtures. We work with homeowners as our production schedule allows but prioritize on-going commercial contracts.

TL;DR yes, but expect a lead time of a minimum of 12 weeks.

Will you come to my property and tear down my old barn?

Due to the complex and skilled nature of this kind of work, we urge you to use a professional demolotion team in your area. 

Do you have “x” in stock?

For the most updated stock and pricing information, give our sales team a call at 216-771-4080. Stock inventory levels vary by day and season.

I’m a commercial architect/designer. Can I visit your lumber yard to get some inspiration?

We love giving tours of our historic yard to individuals and teams in the commercial architect and design industry. Use the contact form on this page so we can schedule a visit that works best with your schedule.